What is Valentine’s Day without something sweet? When I saw that they had a Red Velvet Oreo, I knew I had to come up with something to do with them. I make this chocolate trifle that everyone loves, so I figured lets mix it up and turn it into something perfect for Valentine’s day. It is DELICIOUS. I took some with me into work today and it disappeared right before my eyes.

To make this sweet treat you will need:
Red velvet cake- cooked
White chocolate pudding- dyed pink
Cool whip
Red velvet Oreo
Glass bowl so that you can see the pretty layers.

What you need to do is crumble the red velvet cake and the oreos, keep them separate! Then layer red velvet cake, pudding, whip cream, and Oreo in that order. Repeat until you get to the top. I normally try and make it 3 layers tall, but it really depends on what size bowl you’re working with. On the final layer when it comes to the Oreos I don’t cover it completely as I do with the others. Instead I take a couple big pieces of crumbled Oreo and scattered them randomly on top. To make it have a really pretty dusting of crumbs I crush just a cookie piece of an Oreo and sprinkle it around.


Bon Appetit!