Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope its full of love and happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

So all month I have been saying how I have been doing so much better this year at planning for Valentine’s day, but I haven’t really shared any of what I did for Brent. It’s not that I didn’t want to show everyone so they could make their own, it’s just that Brent is too supportive. Seriously, I post and he is the very first one to check out my blog and give me his thoughts. With him being there for me so diligently there was just no way for me to get this out a moment sooner. I hope that it helps someone in the future tho ๐Ÿ™‚

When I very first started crocheting he asked if I could make awesome geeky stuff for him now, and I told him he would have to wait till I got more practice. Well I’ve been crocheting for quite a long time now, and I realized I totally failed to make anything awesome for him. Anything at all really, unless you count a hat that was kinda wonky because it was back when I was still learning. Every year I am working like crazy to hand make Christmas presents for everyone in both of our families, but I have yet to crochet him anything. After I came to this upsetting realization I absolutely had to do something about it.

From there it was only a matter of figuring out what to make. Actually that makes it sound like I had to think hard on it, I pretty much knew instantly what I was going to do. Playing video games is one of the things that Brent and I love to do together, specifically we play a lot of Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy XIV to be exact. We even got to celebrate Valentines day in our game.


Within the game there are so many different cute and fun characters, but as I’m sure you have already guessed moogles are our favorite . We love them so much that we even run a FC (guild type group) that is called Moogle Inc. It’s actually a little sad how often moogles come into our every day lives… but we wont dwell on that.

If you follow the Final Fantasy series then you know that they change how moogles look in practically every one of them. I am basing my moogle off of the one in FFXIV, but it would not be too hard to adapt the pattern to create whatever moogle you would like ๐Ÿ™‚

What you need:

3.5 mm hook
White, black, red, yellow and pink yarn.
White fluffy yarn. This is optional as not all moogles have this cute little furry section
Fiber fill- This is actually different then just normal stuffing, did you know that? It holds its shape nicer and works way better for projects like this

This project is worked in rounds unless otherwise specified, please mark your rows so you don’t lose count! Also to make sure that the shape stays the way its supposed to during stuffing please make sure you are crocheting tight.

single crochet- sc
Slip stitch- sl st
Increase stitches- inc
Decrease stitches- dec


The head is worked from the top down. Start by making a magic ring with white yarn.
Row 1:ย  7sc into magic ring (7)
Row 2: Inc in every stitch around (14)
Row 3: Inc, 1sc (21)
Row 4: Inc, 2sc (28)
Row 5: Inc, 3sc (35)
Row 6: Inc, 4sc (42)
Row 7-12: Sc around (42)
Row 13: 5inc, 5sc, 5inc, 27sc (52)
Row 14-17: Sc around (52)
Row 18: 5dec, 5sc, 5dec, 27sc (42)
Row 19: sc around (42)
Row 20: dec, 4sc (35)
Row 21: sc around (35)
Row 22: dec, 3sc (28)
Row 23: sc around (28
Begin stuffing, will continue stuffing till closed
Row 24: dec, 2sc (21)
Row 25: dec, 1sc (14)
Row 26: dec around (7)
Finish off, if there is a little hole don’t worry it will not be seen on the finish product.

The body is worked from the bottom to the top, with white yarn make a magic ring.
Row 1: sc 8 into magic ring (8)
Row 2: inc around (16)
Row 3: inc, 1sc (24)
Row 4: inc, 2sc (32)
Row 5: inc, 3sc (40)
Row 6: inc, 4sc (48)
Row 7-16:ย  sc around (48)
Row 17: dec, 4sc (40)
Row 18: sc around (40)
Row 19: dec, 3sc (32)
Row 20: sc around (32)
Row 21: dec, 2sc (24)
row 22-23: sc around (24)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Arm– make two
With white yarn make a magic ring.
Row 1: 6sc into magic ring (6)
Row 2: inc around (12)
Row 3-8: sc around (12)
Loosely stuff paw
Row 9: dec, 2sc (9)
Row 10-14: sc around (9)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. You want to have a light amount of stuffing in the arm just to give it a little shape. If you have a hard time stuffing it you can use your hook to push some stuffing into place.

Leg– make two
With white yarn make a magic ring.
Row 1: 6sc into magic ring (6)
Row 2: inc around (12)
Row 3: inc, 1sc (18)
Row 4-6: sc around (18)
Row 7: dec, 1sc (12)
Row 8: sc around (12)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Ear– make two
With white yarn make a magic ring.
Row 1: sc 4 into magic ring (4)
Row 2: inc, 1sc (6)
Row 3: inc, 2 sc (8)
Row 4: inc, 3sc (10)
Row 5: inc, 4sc (12)
Row 6: inc, 5sc (14)
Finish off and leave a long tail.

With pink (or whatever color depending on what moogle your recreating) make a magic ring.
Row 1: sc 6 into magic ring. (6)
Row 2: inc in each stitch (12)
Row 3: sc around. (12)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

With yellow (or whatever color depending on your moogle ) make a magic ring.
Row 1: 6sc into magic ring
Row 2: inc around (12)
Row 3: inc, 1sc (18)
Row 4: inc, 2sc (24)
Row 5: inc, 3sc (30)
Row 6: inc, 4sc (36)
Row 7-10: sc around (36)
Row 11: dec, 4sc (30)
Row 12: dec, 3sc (24)
Begin stuffing, continue till it is closed.
Row 13: dec, 2sc (18)
Row 14: dec, 1sc (12)
Row 15: dec around (6)
Finish off. If there is a little hole still visible sew it shut and tuck in tail.

With black yarn chain 5 leaving a long tail in the beginning, sl st into first stitch. Sc around to make 6 rows, or however tall you would like it. Finish off and leave a long tail. That’s right, you will have a long tail on both sides of the antenna.

Wings– make 4
This sounds like a really confusing pattern, and when you look at it, it seems weird. Trust me. if you do as I say you end up with some cute little wings that fit right on your moogle. Using black (or purple depending) yarn chain 17.
Row 1. sl st into second chain from the hook, 6sc, skip three chains, 6sc. chain 1 and turn.
Row 2: 6sc, skip one stitch, 3sc, sl st, turn
Row 3: skip the first two stitches and sl st into Third stitch, 1sc, skip one stitch, 4sc, sl st turn
Row 4: Skip the first two stitches and sl st into Third stitch in the row, 3sc, turn
Row 5: chain 2 and sc in first stitch. sl st to the end of the row.
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing (on all 4 of them)
To make it so the wings aren’t too floppy you will want to sew two wings together so they are thicker and sturdier. Match two wings together and use a whip stitch around the entire wing so that it becomes just one wing. You will notice there is a small hole in the point of the wing, if this bothers you this is the time to sew it shut.


This part is technically optional. You can skip the heart and just have a super adorable moogle buddy, or make the heart and your moogle is all set for Valentines.
Out of everything in this project this is the one piece that really needs to be done tight to insure that it holds its shape nicely. With red yarn make a magic ring.
Row 1: 6sc into magic ring (6)
Row 2: inc around (12)
Row 3: inc, 1sc (18)
Row 4: sc around (18)
Row 5: inc, 2sc (24)
Row 6-7: sc around (24)
Now you will finish off and leave a long tail.

With red make another magic ring.
Row 1: 6sc into magic ring (6)
Row 2: inc around (12)
Row 3: inc, 1sc (18)
Row 4: sc around (18)
Row 5: inc, 2sc (24)
Row 6-7: sc around (24)
Now its time to connect the two to make the top of the heart. If you have a pin its nice to pin the two together but it’s not necessary. What we are doing is crocheting a few stitches and when you get to where the two meet your going to sc the two together.
Row 8: 18sc, on the 19th stitch your going to crochet the two pieces together. 18 sc, and then again the two pieces together. (38)

You will have 4 stitches in the center of the two left untouched. Use the long tail that you left from the first piece to sew those stitches together so as to not leave an opening.
Row 9-10: sc around (38)
Row 11: dec, 6sc. The last set of sc will only have 4 (33)
Row 12: dec, 5sc. The last set of sc will only have 3 (28)
Row 13: dec, 4sc. The last set of sc will only have 2 (22)
Row 14: dec, 3sc. The last set of sc will only have 1 (18)
Begin stuffing
Row 15: dec, 2sc. The last set of sc will have 4 (14)
Row 16: dec, 1sc. The last set of sc will have 3 (10)
Row 17: dec around (5)
Finish off, if there is a little hole at the bottom sew it shut and tuck in tails.

Embroider a cute saying on your heart, or leave it as is. Some different cute ideas to go with moogles are “Be My Kupo” “I Kupo You” “My Kupo” “Kupo and Kisses.” As you can see I am not the greatest at embroidering yet, but your really don’t have to be as long as you can make out what it says. Plus, the more you do it the better you will get ๐Ÿ™‚

If you really don’t want to embroider, but still want to add a saying then you can always cut the letters out of fabric and either sew or glue them into place.

Assemble Your Moogle

I like to wait till I have all my pieces made before I start to actually put any of them together. This is my favorite part actually, it’s kind of like a 3D puzzle… and if I’m being honest I feel a little bit like a mad scientist as my creation comes together before me ๐Ÿ˜›


First step is to attach the antenna to the top of the moogle’s head. To do that find the center of the head and line it up so the antenna is directly over it. Use one of the long tails to sew the antenna into place. Make sure this is VERY secure!


Now you need to stuff the antenna. I know its a very small opening, so it is a little difficult but it can be done. What I do is take a small amount of stuffing and use my hook to push it inside the antenna. I like stuffing the antenna rather then using a wire so that it stays up, yet is bouncy.


Next use the long tail on the other side of the antennaย  to sew the ball into place. Make sure that you sew the side that is less pretty (like the side pictured) onto the antenna, that way once its all together you only see the parts that look nice.


The nose is next, going right between the cute chubby cheeks. Give it a little pinch so it is more of an oval shape, while sewing it into place make sure it doesn’t round out.


Sew almost completely around, but make sure to lightly stuff before you finish it.


Position the head onto the opening of the body, making sure that it is centered. Pin it if you need to, but I personally just hold it in place as I sew. Make sure that the neck area is stuffed so that the head doesn’t wobble on the body.

It was actually at this point that I realized that I completely forgot all about the moogle’s ears, which was disappointing because as I said I like to have all the crocheting done before I begin to assemble. Thankfully it was a quick fix. To attach the ears I lined them up even with the antenna and then placed them about 4 rows down from it.


For the arms I lined them up with the ears and placed them right under the neck. I have them facing forward so that they can be reaching out to hold the heart.


If you aren’t planning to have your moogle holding a heart you can also just have the arms facing down.


Next for the feet you just need to place them on either side of the body making it look like he is sitting. I positioned them to sit a little ahead of the arms. Stuff as you sew into place, make sure that both feet are even.


To make the fluffy chest attach the white fluffy yarn above the arm in the neck.


Chain 3 and sc into next stitch in the neck. Continue around the neck until your above the other arm. Finish off and tuck in tail.



To attach the wings I counted 2 rows down from the neck and 4 stitches away from the arms. Sew along the straight edge of the wing, with an extra stitch on the top and the bottom to ensure that the wings stick nicely to the back.


Next I embroidered the eyes. To do this I used the cheeks as a guide. Starting a little higher at the end and curving down toward the nose.


To turn your moogle into the perfect gift for Valentine’s day all you need to do now is add the heart! Attach white yarn to the paw and make a couple stitches to hold the heart in place. It does not take much to make your moogle hold the heart. Do the same with the other paw and your done!


Now you have the perfect gift for any Final Fantasy fan ๐Ÿ™‚


Would love to see how your own moogles turn out! Also if anyone plays FFXIV we are on the server behemoth, lets play ๐Ÿ™‚