I did it! My move is finally complete and I am living across the country! Well I say finished very loosely. I may be living someplace new but my house is completely over run with boxes. So, there is still a few things I have to take care of. Really I could handle the maze that is currently my home, if I wasn’t missing a few essentials. I didn’t realize how many boxes I had until they were piled all around me. Trying to look for one specific thing is very comparable to a needle in a hay stack. Before the move I thought I was so organized and I would have no problem unpacking in a way that kept me organized. Truly I really was organized at first. Half my boxes are labeled with what room they belong in and even with a list of what’s in it. Apparently I gave up like half way through and just blocked it out. The only thing I am really dying about is I cant seem to find my computer cord. I have my lap top, and a old lap top cord… so must have got mixed up with all the chaos that was going on in the last few days of packing. So I’m kind of twitching from withdrawal at this point. Seriously, its a problem. Should probably start looking for a support group if this continues 😛

So here I am stealing moments that I can get on my boyfriends computer. When your dating a guy who is a computer gamer and equally addicted to technology, that doesn’t leave for much time to sneak online. Even so, I definitely needed to get on to update everyone to what I have been up to. As I said everything is still packed away, so nothing new as of yet. Trust me that will change very soon because I’m itching to get into the Halloween spirit.

Still, I have something that you have not had a chance to see yet. Before I left I promised the guys my boyfriend worked with that I would make them all lunch. I was actually told I wasn’t allowed to make Brent another bento until I made one for them. So, considering I’m going to be gone for a while I figured I should probably take care of that before I left. 😉

If you have a large group of people to feed, want to make it more fun than just a sandwich and keep it all light on your budget, this Under The Sea bento is perfect to make! Everyone at his work loved it, even the guy who scoffed at eating hot dogs at first. It’s yummy, simple, cheap, and so adorable.

What You Need:

Shoyu Hotdogs

 – hot dogs
– soy sauce
– water
– sugar

Basic Vegetable Stir Fry

 – Oil
– Soy sauce
– Teriyaki sauce
– onion
– pepper
– zucchini

♦Lunch meat
♦blue food coloring
♦Egg with fish egg mold

When making the shoyu dogs the only thing that your going to do differently is the way you cut them before you boil them. To make them into two octopuses and one crab cut your hot dog into three sections


Once you have that your going to give each piece 8 legs. The two end pieces make the octopuses, and the center piece makes a little crab.When cutting the legs make sure not to cut to far up on the hot dog, have to leave room for a face 🙂


Once they are boiled their legs will spread out nicly. The final step with them is to give them eyes. You can do this by very carefully making little holes with a knife. First couple times I made them, thats how I did it. This last time I actually used the small circle side of one of my cake decorating tips. Using that made the process alot faster and easier, but its still possible without it.


For the bottom of my ocean I used my Basic Vegitable Stir Fry. Instead of cutting the veggies into strips I choped them up smaller so that they would look like they are pebbles, shells, or whatever else you might find on the bottom of the sea. To make the watter all you have to do is make some blue rice. This step is probably the absolute easiest. Doesnt matter if your making rice in a rice cooker, on the stove, or instant rice in the microwave. All you have to do is add some blue food coloring to the watter before you cook it.

Using your lunch meat you can make sea anemone, or coral or whatever you want to see that as. Fold you lunch meat in half and make little slits on the fold.

Roll it up an voilà, a cute place for you fish to live in.


If your feeling very ambitious you can also cut out little fish from your lunch meat. Just take your time and have fun with it… If its not something you want to dedicate so much time to, then dont! Your lunch will still be adorable with out them. The very last thing I made for this bento is a hard boiled egg, molded to the shape of a fish. I cheated a bit on this one and used a mold I got from a friend. To be honest this piece is the inspiration for the under the sea theme. It was just so cute I had to use it as soon as possible. If you want to get a mold for youself you can get it here. It worked really nice and is super easy to use. The only thing I would note is that if your making a large batch of them, like I was, dont boil all your eggs at once. I was able to make five eggs before they started to cool down too much for the mold to really take effect. Keep that in mind when your planning out your prep.


The only thing left is the fun part! Arange the vegitables at the bottom to create the ocean floor. Fill the rest of the space with the rice. Tuck your lunch meat sea anemones in next to the vegitables. Finally make your fish, crab, and octupuses swim around!

Under The Sea

There you have it, an ocean that’s good enough to swim in… as well as gobble it up 🙂 ariel