It’s starting to look like spring might really be here… and its about time! I love the idea of this time of year. I feel like everyone appreciates things more in spring, people notice more of whats around them when everything starts to brighten up. It’s the time to celebrate all of the new life around you, everything from the flowers beginning to bloom to the baby animals that will be running around. I haven’t seen any babies yet, but I have already started to see more animals out and about. The last couple of morning I’ve been able to hear a birdie singing while I am getting ready for work. During winter I tend to forget about how nice being able to hear the birds is. This morning when I stepped out of my house I saw ducks!!! I can’t even explain how excited that made me, I don’t even like ducks that much. I just love all the little signs that spring is here!

So with all this celebration of new life I figure what better to do for a bento then a spring chicks!
The nice thing about this bento is that although it is cute, its very simple. Anyone can make this bento on a whim, there are no special tools you have to worry about having!

What you need:

Pasta- I just used some leftovers, this works best if the pasta isn’t spaghetti.
Hard boiled eggs
Lettuce/nori/sesame seeds- pretty much what ever you can think of to use for eyes.
Lemon juice
Yellow food coloring.


The first thing to do is get your hard boiled eggs the proper color for a chick. To do that mix water and yellow food coloring together in a bowl large enough for two eggs. The amount of food coloring you use will determine how bright yellow your chick are. I used a decent amount, but not a lot, and my eggs are only a little yellow, so just keep that in mind. Peel the shell away from your eggs andΒ  place them in the water. Let them sit for a while, I pretty much ignored them for like 10 minutes or so. While they are sitting you can get the beak ready. For this all you have to do is cut a triangle out of a slice of carrot. For the eyes I decided to use just smalls strips of nori, but there are many different things you can do for them. After the eggs have had time to sit remove them from the dye and pat them dry with a paper towel. My camera is not doing them justice, they are yellow I promise πŸ˜›
To assemble your chicks you need to cut a little section out where you want your beak to be. Try and cut it to the size that your made your beak. If you don’t the egg will break a little around it. If that look doesn’t bother you then it’s not really a big deal. If you look closely one of my beaks was a little to big and it made a small split in the egg around it. Place the eyes above the beak and your chicks are all done!
It is Easter, so of course we have to have a Easter Bunny! Cut a slice of apple and make a triangle impression on one side. With your knife very carefully remove the center of the triangle you created, this will make your apple bunny’s ears.
Next you are going to peel the ears up.This part is a little tricky, I’m still working on getting it down pat myself. The trick is to peel just below the skin, but not to shallow because you don’t want to poke threw on accident. Once your ears are finished then all you have to do is give your bunny some eyes. Gently shake your apple bunny in a a baggy with lemon juice to keep it looking nice.
The final decoration you have to make is little flower carrots. We have the bunny, so we can’t deny him his carrots now can we πŸ˜› Just slice up a carrot and cut out little triangle sections from the edges to give it petals.
To put your lunch together first place your pasta to one side of your box. Arrange it in a circle like shape to resemble a nest. Carefully, so as not to mess up your chicks, nestle them inside there nest. Next put your apple bunny in the corner on the opposite side of the lunch box. Place a row of broccoli as a barrier between your pasta and the apple so you don’t get any weird flavors mixing. For the final touch nicely place your carrot flowers in front of the bunny so he has something to snack on πŸ˜‰
Finished! If these cute little baby chicks don’t get you excited for spring, I don’t know what will.