This is honestly one of the easiest meals I make, and is solid staple in my house. Its just so fast, so easy and SO YUMMY. I normally put it along side my Basic Vegetable Stir Fry and mix it all together with some rice. The best thing about the recipe, its done in under 10 minutes! MMM my mouth is watering just thinking about making myself some more 😛
All you need is:
Soy Sauce
Chicken – I prefer to use the breast but any boneless chicken will work.

Really that’s it! This same thing works really well with shrimp, but Brent doesn’t enjoy shrimp as much as I do so that one doesn’t get made as often. To make enough for the two of us for dinner, and have a little left over for our lunches I normally only use 1 chicken breast. We do tend to eat more of the vegetables when we eats this though, so If you like more meat then veggies then I would probably go with two right away.
First thing you need to do is put a little oil in a pan. I honestly don’t measure, but want it to be about 1 1/2 -2 tablespoons. Warm the oil on a little higher then medium heat. On my stove I set it to between the 6 and 7, you will be able to find the perfect setting for you as you cook. 🙂

While the oil is heating up for a few moments you can take this time to cut your chicken up. You can do this however you want, I like to make them into small bite sized pieces. With them cut like this not only do they cook faster, but they also get more flavor to them.
Once the oil is heated up you can add your chicken into the pan, you will hear a sizzle when you do this. From this point everything moves pretty fast, the chicken will not take long to cook at all.  You want to keep everything moving so that the chicken doesn’t sit and burn to the pan. Once it looks like most of the pink is gone drizzle soy sauce all over your pan. It will steam up a lot, just keep the chicken moving. Normally the soy sauce gets soaked up right away so I will do a second drizzle over all the chicken. Already the chicken gets a nice color and really starts to look good.
Once you get some liquid in the pan you don’t have to move the chicken as often. Cook until the soy sauce is gone and leaves a nice crispiness to the edges of the chicken.

Hope you enjoy 🙂