Life can be pretty crazy. Everyone goes threw those moments where everything is so hectic its a struggle just to keep yourself straight. I am definitely lost in that moment. As of late I have even felt like I might be drowning in everything going on, and I just cant seem to find my footing. A part of that, that I didn’t even realize was so important, is my lack of time for crafting. I always talk about how important my crafts are, who would have thought they were so important in keeping me sane? I suppose everyone needs to find a moment for themselves. Either that be taking a break and watching a show, reading a chapter, playing a level in a game, or apparently like me to have a little creative release. It doesn’t even need to be a lot, at least for me it didn’t need to be. Not to go into a long rant with what’s going on with me, but to make it short I’ve been busy. Recently my boyfriend and I have decided to move. Not just move down the street, I’m talking move across the country! So, we have both been working extra to try and save up for it, also packing, and of course spending at much time with the people we care about as we can. With everything going on, being creative was the last thing on my mind. I found myself becoming increasingly crabbier, and over all not the most pleasant to be around. My bf, somehow managing to deal with me, suggested that I find 5 minutes to do something that would make me feel like my old self again. After rolling my eyes and repeating to him that I have no time, I decided that maybe he was onto something. So I sat and worked on a blog post…because you know I love you guys 😉
Even just making a rough draft on a post made me feel better. Made me feel like I was me again. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Taking five minutes to relax and do something you really enjoy just makes dealing with everything else not seem like such a chore. Some people might already have known this, but I am stubborn and it took me way to long to figure this all out for myself.
I know, I know I said I wasn’t going to rant, but there it is 😛 My point after all that is that if you enjoy making bentos, but feel like you have way to much stuff to do instead don’t lose what you enjoy. Not every bento needs to take 20 minutes to create. Taking an extra 5 minutes to come up with a cute, not just thrown together way of packing your lunch can really just make your entire day feel a little brighter. Although there are many different crafts I love, this is my main outlet I have been able to enjoy.  The best part of taking the time to dress up your lunch? Not only do you get that excited feeling about making something adorable when you pack it, but you also get that little spark of excitement when you actually get to eat it 🙂
These couple of lunches aren’t really anything special, so they don’t require a full tutorial on the lay out. Still they are pleasing to look at and might give you a little inspiration to brighten up your own boring lunches!
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Using a cookie cutter to shape a boring sandwich shows this lunch a little extra love. Making an xo out of carrots is a simple way to give it even extra flair. To tie it all up add some strawberries cut to look like hearts <3
When you have something cute as an accessory, such as a cute little bunny bottle to hold your unagi sauce, then it gives you the perfect thing to get inspiration from. With this sushi lunch I could have just cut up an apple and thrown it in, but instead cutting them to look like bunnies makes the lunch just a little more fun! bento3 (2)Even food you normally would expect to look boring can look cute if you just lay it out a little different. Putting the meatballs on opposite sides, as well as separating the fruit and the peas makes it look as though there is a pattern to you food and causes your eyes travel around your lunch.
Like I said none of these lunches are anything really special, but by laying them out nicely they sure look a whole lot more adorable!