So as video gamers we have kinda been slacking. The Ps4 has been out for over a year, and we finally just got it. Don’t worry we are totally making up for lost time tho 😉

Have you played The Evil Within? If you like horror games you seriously have to try it, it’s currently the game I can’t seem to put down. My bf tho, he has been attached to Minecraft. I can’t help but make fun of him for this. I mean, the game isn’t new by any means, yet it’s the game he keeps returning to. With all this Minecraft in my face I found it to be the perfect time to share some fun Minecraft toys.

The thing about these is they are perfect for anyone no matter their age. The game itself appeals to so many different age groups that my bf and his nephew both love the game. I figure with everyone playing it so much that something to bring the game into the real world would be perfect. That’s when I decided to make a sword and a pickaxe for his nephew. Just the thing to get him running around outside having adventures rather then always on a computer. Only problem, bf got totally jealous and didn’t want to give them away 😛

After I made the sword and pickaxe I realized that you cant go on an adventure without a bad guy to overcome. To complete the set check out Nerdigurumi and her awesome tutorial onto how to make your own Creeper

What I made here are the very common iron sword and pickaxe. There are many different kinds of materials used in the game to give different looks, if you prefer one of these looks just change the colors used.


What you need:
5 mm hook
Yarn- black, white, light grey, grey, dark grey, tan, light brown, brown, dark brown.
Yarn needle
1 inch dowel
Pipe Insulator- you want one that the dowel will fit into snugly.


Crocheting this is actually the easiest part of this project, but it does take some time. To give them the pixelated look that they have in the game what I did was just make a bunch of little squares.
Chain 6
Row1: insert hook into second chain from hook and sc, sc in the remaining chains, chain and turn. (5)
Row2-5: sc in each stitch, chain and turn.
Tie off. You can leave long tail for sewing if you would like, but i found it easier just to start with a new piece of yarn for this.


How many squares you need:

Light Grey- 28
Dark Grey- 34

Pickaxe :
White- 4
Light Grey- 10
Grey- 16
Dark Grey- 44
Light brown- 12
Dark Brown- 20


Once you have all your squares made, it is time to turn them into something fun. To do this you’re going to make two ‘panels’ that will be sewn together. I did this entire project using a whip stitch with a separate piece of yarn, changing the color when needed to match the section I was working on. I have two pictures, one for the sword and the other for the pickaxe, that show you exactly where each square is destined to go! Once you have each panel completed then you need to sew the front and back panel together. On the picture I marked with purple lines where I left open to try and make it somewhat easier for me to be able to stuff.

minecraft sword


Now that your panels have become one then the fun begins.  If you were to just fill your toys with fiberfill now you would have a very floppy sword… trust my I tried. To fix this problem that’s where the pipe insulator and wood dowel come into play. You will notice a red and green mark on each picture, these are indicating roughly how far up each goes on the toy. The pipe insulator, marked by red, goes farther up because it is soft and wont hurt if being hit with it (Not that I encourage violence against other people with these 😛 ). The dowel, marked by green, will slide inside the insulator. This will make the base sturdy but but still allow most of the top to be soft. Based on how tight or lose you crochet will change the height that these will need to be, so instead of giving you my measurements just use your project to mark where you need to have everything cut. The pipe insulator can just be cut with scissors, but you will need to cut the dowel with a saw. I found putting the pipe insulator in first to be the easiest, then I used the extra dowel to help me push the dowel into place. It can be a little tricky to get in place, but if you keep working with it you will figure it out, I promise! When you finally get that positioned the way you like  you need to finish stuffing. The pipe insulator takes care of a lot if it for you but there are still some spots that need some work. At this point you will be super thankful for leaving so many spots open to help you stuff!



Now you have everything you need to go on a great adventure! A pickaxe for gathering, sword to protect you from enemies, and the Creeper to take down!