What is better than sitting around on a lazy Sunday drinking a margarita? Well maybe any other Sunday I could try and come up with something better, but considering that today is National Margarita day it seems to be the perfect way to celebrate.

Today I have for you this cute little margarita glass crochet pattern and margarita glass charms. At first glance you might think, why would you want to have a crochet margarita glass? Well my answer, why not? No, seriously tho this margarita glass works perfectly as a holder for your glass charms, small stir sticks, and any other small things your bar needs.

The most common time for me to have a margarita is at Brent’s family events. I don’t mean that in any sense like I need a drink to deal with his family, on the contrary I really enjoy his family. It’s actually because his dad makes the best margarita I have ever had, I am not the only one who thinks so.  Specifically his blended strawberry margaritas, mmm so yummy. There are so many people at his events, and everyone drinking his margaritas that its not uncommon to hear people ask “is this my glass or yours?”

So when it was time to get him a gift my mind went straight to little glass charms that can be used to tell everyone’s glasses apart. He had a couple already, and they work wonderful, but as I said lots of people so those charms got claimed pretty fast. I figure adding a few more charms to his collection will only help. Then I thought he definitely needs a place to put all his charms when they are not in use, hence the crochet margarita glass is born!

Margarita Glass Charms

To start, because well it’s where I started, we have the margarita glass charms. This is really all up to your creativity and what you have available.

What you need:earings

frameEarrings- I used these hoop style earrings that I found at Michaels, when choosing your hoops just make sure they are big enough to go around a glass.
Charms- I used these picture frame charms that I also found at Michaels.
Jump rings
Beads- optional
Needle nose pliers- only really need if you are adding beads.

So when I found these cute picture frame charms I planned on adding little pictures of the family in each one, the charms decided otherwise tho. The pictures I wanted to use didn’t look the greatest when shrunk down to the size I needed, so instead I decided to make up pictures with their last name. This can be done in any editing program, but I actually used this website I found flamingtext.com. It’s a easy way of designing a nice looking picture for any word, and it’s free as long as it’s only for personal use. For mine I used their aurora borealis stencil, and then just tweaked it to the way I liked. When I got it just perfect I simply changed the colors so I would have four different ones.


Once you have your charms all set, or picked out, then you can decide if you want to add beads. I wasn’t sure when I fist started working on this project, but after I had the charms put together I knew I wanted to add just a little extra touch. If you are adding beads, now is the time to pull our those needle nose pliers. To be able to get the beads on easily you first need to straighten out the end of the hoop so it is no longer sticking up. When you’re putting your beads on make sure you leave enough room on the end to bend it back in place!


I filled my entire hoop with beads and then bent the end back up so it could be closed again all before adding my charm onto it. I did this because I was putting my charm on a jump ring that can easily go over the turned up end as well as slide over the beads without any problems. If your charm has a smaller jump ring, or no jump ring, make sure to consider this while putting everything together.


That’s it! Now you have cute charms that can be added to margarita glasses so you never have the problem of telling who’s glass is who’s. The only problem now is where to keep the charms when they are not being used… well that is until you make this next step.

Margarita Glass

I am designing my glass after these cactus looking ones that we use, the pattern can easily be adapted to look like any other style margarita glass.


What you need:

4 mm hook
5mm hook
Green yarn for the stem
Pink yarn to resemble strawberry margarita, if you prefer a different flavor just change the color to match.
White yarn for the sugar, or salt rim
Small amount of fiberfill stuffing
1 inch wide dowel
1 screw
2 fender washers with a small enough hole in the center that the screw will not go threw.
1 fender washer with a large enough hole for the screw head to go threw.
Strong glue

This project is worked in rounds unless otherwise specified, please mark your rows so you don’t lose count!
single crochet- sc
increase stitch- inc
slip stitch -sl st

For this part you want your crochet to be really tight, to help with that even though I am using a small 4 mm
hook I am also using two strands of yarn as I crochet. This is easiest to do when you have two separate skiens of yarn, but it can be done with only one. To do this you crochet no differently, you just are holding two strands instead of one. If you’re not used to it, it can be a little tricky at first so just go slow.


Using pink (or whatever color your margarita would be) make a magic ring.
Row 1: 6sc into magic ring (6)
Row2: inc around (12)
Row3: inc, 1sc (18)
Row4: inc, 2sc (24)
Row5: inc, 3sc (30)
Row6: inc, 4sc (36)
Row7: inc, 5sc (42)
Now it gets a lot easier! If you want to you can even just throw away your stitch marker and single crochet in each stitch around, it will start to curl up and turn into a little bowl. I did about 10 rows, but you may like your glass to be a little taller or shorter so don’t worry if you decide to do it a little differently. When you have it the height you like then slip stitch and tie off, tuck in tail.

Attach white yarn and do one row around the top to create a sugar/salt rimmed edge of your glass.

This does not have to be as tight so I am using a 5mm hook on this section.
With green yarn chain 12, leaving a long tail for sewing in the beginning before you start your chain.
sc into the first stitch in the chain.
Row1-13: sc around (12)
Row14: inc around (24)
Row15: sc around (24)
Tie off and tuck in tail.

Using your 5 mm hook and green yarn make a magic ring.
Row1: 6 sc into magic ring. (6)
Row2: inc in each  stitch (12)
Row3: inc, 1sc (18)
Row4: inc, 2sc (24)
Tie off leaving long tail for sewing.

Cactus Arms (optional based on the margarita glass you want it to look like.)
Using your 5 mm hook and green yarn make a magic ring.
Row1: 6sc into magic ring (6)
Row2-6: sc around. (6)
Tie off leaving long tail for sewing. Lightly stuff the tip of the cactus arm.


Using the long tail on the beginning of your stem sew it to the bottom of the glass part, making sure the the stem is centered. It needs to be sewn on tightly so that the glass is sturdy. There will be a little wiggle to the glass, but it wont be as bad as long as the crochet is tight, and its sewn on good.

To make it so that your glass stands up and is stable you do need to add more to it then just stuffing. To make the stem strong you will need to have a dowel, screw, 3 fender washers (2 with small openings in the middle and one with a larger opening), and some strong glue. First need to cut your dowel so that it is 3 inches long. Make sure this is a straight cut! If it is not straight your glass will be leaning. I am really lucky and have lots of tools available to me, but this can be done with even a simple hand saw. If nothing is available you may be able to find some hardware stores that will even do this for you.


Once it is cut  you will notice that the edge of the dowel isn’t very pretty. This is being covered up with yarn so based on looks it is not the end of he world, however it does leave the chance that it will catch the yarn. I highly recommend just sanding it down a little so that there is no rough edges.


Dowels split really easily if you’re not careful when screwing into them, to make it so that it”s less likely to happen I am pre drilling a hole. To make sure you are using the right drill bit compare it to the screw you are using. Not paying attention to the threading on the screw, the screw and the drill bit should be about the same thickness.


If you have access to a vice I recommend using it so that you know it will stay perfectly still for you. When using a vice it’s best to lay some cloth over it so that there are no teeth impressions left on your project. If you do not have a vice you can still do this, just be very careful!


Mark the center of your the dowel so you know exactly where to drill. Slowly drill into it, if you push too hard and go too fast you will split or crack the wood.


Now you’re able to use your actual screw. Place one of the fender washers with a smaller center between the dowel and the screw so it will be held in place. Go just as slow when putting in the screw. Do not need to over tighten it, just want to make sure the washer is snugly in place.


Just thought I would add this in, I was using a cloth over my vice and I still have markings on my dowel when I removed it. It’s in no way a big deal on this project, but something to keep in mind if ever working with something that wont be covered.


Next part is really easy, all you have to do is glue! I just set my dowel upside down so that the washer is sticking up in the air. Put a little glue on one side of the washer with the larger opening and set it on top of the washer on the dowel. When that is dry enough that it will not move do the same thing adding the last washer with the small opening. What you are doing is pretty much sandwiching the screw head in the washers so that there is a flat surface on the bottom of your project. Let that completely dry before moving on.


Once that is completely dry you just need to slip your stem onto the dowel. It will be a snug fit, but shouldn’t pull your crochet too much.



Take the bottom piece and with the long tail that you left on it sew it to the stem so that the washers are no longer visible.


You can be done now, but if want your Margarita glass to resemble a cactus one like I do then there is one last step. With the long tail on the little cactus arms sew them on either side of your stem. So they aren’t just sticking straight out make a little stitch near the center of the arm so that they are tighter to the stem.


Now not only do you have some cute margarita glass charms, but also a very fitting way to hold them.

After all that work you definitely deserve to have a yummy margarita!


Happy National Margarita Day!!!