So is there any question about my inspiration for today’s bento? IT’S ST. PATRICK’S DAY! I love any holiday, gives me the perfect excuse to make a fun bento 😉

In general I don’t find myself to be a lucky person. I wouldn’t say I am unlucky necessarily, just not the person who wins random drawings or finds money laying around. Seeing as I am so in the middle with my luck I suppose anything to tip the scale is always apreciated. Out of all the lucky charms out there, I have always loved four leaf clovers the most. I guess because they are less common then a horse shoe or a heads up penny.

Hopefully this four leaf clover, or lucky sushi, will make your St. Patrick day just a little luckier 🙂

For this lunch you will be making the exact same sushi as in Saucy Love Rolls . The only difference in how it is made is when making the rice add some green food coloring so that your four leaf clover will be the correct

color. Next, using saran wrap shape a little extra rice into a stem. As always press firmly on the rice to shape it, but do not squish it! Lay your lettuce in the bottom of your lunch box if you are going to use it. Arrange your four leaf clover on top of a leprechaun’s gold and ruby treasures (sauteed red and yellow peppers).


Next I placed my cup of pistachio pudding in the corner, I figured if I managed to work it in for my valentines day lunch I should use it for this one considering it actually fits more with St. Patrick day. With the lettuce I made a little bowl for my grapes, keeping them nicely together. I ended up having more space in my lunch box then I had planed for, so I needed to come up with something extra to make sure the box is packed tightly. Thankfully I had some green apples that go perfect with the whole green theme! So I just sliced some up, and using some more lettuce as a barrier I added the final touch 🙂
All finished, now your are definitely set for some extra luck!  Hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick’s day!