And the showering of hearts continues. Yesterday I showed you how to do a pretty elaborate lunch, a charaben (cute bento)if you will, but not everyone has time for that. I know I don’t. Heck if I have 20 minutes to spend packing a lunch I’m doing pretty good some days. So here is another Valentines day inspired lunch, that is a lot more simple for you to do. This type of lunch would fall more under the plain bento category, which I think is just silly because its pretty cute in its own rite. It’s just more practical for a every day lunch.

What you need:
Leftovers- I think pasta of sorts works well with this, but any leftovers can work
Hard boiled egg
This is everything that I am packing in our bentos, but can easily switch everything out for whatever works better for you 🙂

As I said this lunch is meant to be simple, something you can throw together really fast. So all you have to do is put your leftovers on one side of the box. The reason I like pasta for this is because you can tuck your hard boiled egg right into it. The hard boiled eggs are honestly the only thing you have to really put any work into. To see how to make them check out Anna The Red and her tutorial on How To Make A Heart Shaped Egg.
This was My first time making it, and over all I am really happy. I think I was so worried about making sure to get enough of the shape that I put the rubber band on a little to tight. Still looks good, but not as smooth as I would like. I will keep practicing with it.
Next I placed in one of these cute little heart containers. I found a pack of them at the dolor store and figured they would be perfect to hold little treats. Today I have it filled with more heart shaped sour gummys. Before using the heart containers I do recommend washing them. The writing on all of them stayed in tacked after my first thorough washing, but I do predict that over time they will fade away. For now tho I get to use the one that fits right in with what I want to say.


Also while I was at the dolor store I noticed this cup cake kit. Usually when I see kits like this the picks are just a paper on a stick, these ones are plastic however. On Amazon the average price for picks are around $5, and then have to worry about shipping and all that. So I was super excited about these cute hearts for only $1. As you can imagine, I needed to find an excuse to use one right away. Slicing up half of a banana for each lunch worked just perfect for me.
Having a heart with the bananas I of course couldn’t let the strawberries feel left out. Thankfully I had some beautiful strawberries all set, and they even came to a nice point at the bottom. With some careful knife work you can cut a dip into the center of the top, and then round the edges. Voila, a red heart!
I placed the fruits on the opposite side as the heart container, that way everywhere you look there is some form of heart. Fill in the empty spaces with broccoli and your finished!
Just the thing to let your Valentine know you will love them forever ♥