So after 6 years together you would think I would appreciate my space away from Brent while I am at work. No, it just actually drives me crazy. On bad days I even fantasize about just hopping in the car and sneaking over to his work to give him a quick kiss, and hug of course. Around Valentines day it’s even worse. As I’ve said I get a little crazy into holidays, and how can I not go crazy about a holiday about love.. especially when I am so in love! So anyways I let my desire to smother him inspire his lunch for the day.

What you need:
Soy chicken
Vegetable stir fry
1 cup short grain rice, cooked and cool enough to handle.
Nori (seaweed)
2 different colored apples
Lemon juice
Leafy greens (optional)

This is another lunch that I am using leftovers to create,  I am using my Soy Chicken and Basic Vegetable Stir Fry, you obviously can use anything else that would go well with rice 🙂
So lets jump right into the fun!

To shape your rice you can either wet your hand, or do as I do and use a piece of saran wrap as a barrier. Place a scoop of rice in the palm of your hand, the amount of rice you use depends on how big you want your rice ball. Filling your rice ball is optional, but I like to, it seems to keep the rice moister. Throughout the day the rice dries out a little and it seems like filling the rice helps it from drying out to much. Just put a little stir fry in the center, try and keep it nicely together to help make it easier to cover. To make sure the outside is perfectly white I place another much smaller scoop of rice on top of my stir fry to help conceal the stir fry completely.
To begin forming your rice just make a simple ball. When forming your rice be gentle, it will stick together so you don’t need to force it. Once you have that you can start turning it into a tear drop shape by gently pushing one side into a point.
From there use both hands to shape into a heart by using your palms to keep the point and using your fingers to form the heart shape.
This might take some practice, so don’t worry if your first heart takes a little extra time to get perfect. Little secret, I always make more than one. The first one tends to never be the best, so I either use that one in my lunch or I hide the evidence completely by eating it right away 😉
Now set your rice to the side and move on to the next thing we need to get prepared for the decorations. As I said in my previous post I was delighted at finding some new toys at the dolor store. Among them was this heart cookie cutter set. In this lunch I am using the smaller cookie cutter and pairing it with my mini heart cookie cutter. Also could just use the two smallest cutters from the dollar store set if you want to, or even get super creative and show off your knife wielding skills and cut them out yourself. Trust me I have done it and it is possible, just takes more time and requires a lot more patience then I tend to have 😛
So To set up the cute heart apples first you need to slice a bit off of two different color apples. Make sure they are thin enough for your cookie cutters, and do your best at making them somewhat even. Cut a bigger heart out of each of them, then a smaller heart from the center of those. Do not get rid of the center piece!
Before you do anything else with them you are going to want to shake them in a bag with a little lemon juice. This way they wont get all brown and icky when its time to finally eat them. Plus I think they are even yummier this way. What you’re going to do now is insert the smaller heart of one apple into the larger heart of the other. See how pretty it looks! If you aren’t too rough with your apples they will stay like that without any needed help, but I love these little heart picks so I added them.
Next step is to cut the carrots into hugs and kisses, x’s and o’s I mean. There are mini cookie cutter sets you can get for cutting out letters, but I haven’t really found it a necessity to get as of yet. After washing your carrot cut it into disks. Two of these disks will be  turned into x’s. If you can see in the picture I lightly carve an x into the carrot as a guideline. Cutting away little triangle sections leaves you with an x! Two more disks will be used for the o’s, just cut out a little circle from the center. I cheated here and used my mini heart cutter. Using what is left of the carrot I cut out a couple more hearts, just because you can never have enough of those right ♥
Really all the hard part is over with now, just need to put it all together! To start lay down your lettuce if you intend to use it. I tend to end up relaying mine multiple times while I am getting everything situated, so don’t be surprised if you have to rearrange it to make it look right. Tuck your rice heart into a corner, and nicely stack your chicken and stir fry around it.
I put my apples on the opposite side as my rice, making it so that there is a nice line of broccoli between them. Now you get to put in your xoxo, as well as any extra carrot hearts. The reason I wanted the line of broccoli is it makes a perfect placement for your carrot hugs n kisses.


For the final touch use either a nori punch, or a clean pair of scissors to cut out a face for your heart. Look at that cutie giving you googly eyes.


And that’s it, send your love off to work with hugs and kisses waiting for them xoxo





I had extra so I packed along a mini lunch to share, even without all the extras it makes a cute little lunch.