You every come across a project and just intently think “I need to make that!”?
That was exactly my reaction when I first came across the idea for this cute earring holder. As soon as I saw a picture of one on Pintrest I eagerly clicked on it excited to see the tutorial of how it was created. Imagine my disappointment when no tutorial was there! Still I refused to be discouraged. I figured how hard could it be?
….I was kinda right


What you need:

Picture frame- ideally made of wood
Burlap- enough to fit over the frame
Picture hanger
Staple gun-with staples in it 😉
Drill and drill-bit
Craft glue
Brush-to use with the glue
Eye hooks- optional


So, I will apologize, I was so excited about this project I forgot to take pictures of my progress. Still, I will do my best to explain how it’s done!
When I first started looking for my supplies, I was surprised by all the different deigns and colors of burlap that are out there. Have to admit, never really had much interest working with the stuff before. When I found some with bright colorful polka dots on it I was ecstatic. How cute! The perfect thing to add a little style to them, without the extra work! Finding picture frames to match was a synch. The original picture I had found was only intended for holding earrings. Well, I love my necklaces just as much as earrings, so I definitely needed to make a spot for them as well. This was an easy addition. When getting eye hooks to hold the necklaces I recommend looking for them at a hardware store rather then a craft store. Can pick up a picture hanger there as well. I have found you can get them a lot cheaper there, as well as they usually have more options. If you are wanting to have the hooks on your jewelry holder than that’s where your wanting to start.

First things first, take the backing of the frame as well as the glass and put them to the side. They will have no use to you in this project, so what you do with them is up to you. To attach the hooks you must start by measuring their placement. If you are using three, as I did, then it’s super easy. On the back of the frame, on the bottom, find the center (from left to right) and mark it. After marking so that the frame has two sections on it, find the center of each. Now find the center of the bottom section of the frame (from top to bottom) and draw a straight line. Where the lines connect is where you are going to want to place each hook. I was concerned with the possibility of the frame cracking if I instantly just screwed the hooks in. To ensure that nothing of the sort would happen I decided to pre drill the holes. When picking out your drill bit keep in mind it has to be slightly smaller then the threading on your hooks. If your drill bit is too big, or even the same size, then the hook will have nothing to grab onto when you screw them into place. Using the drill bit I created a hole that went fully threw the frame, going from the back to the front. I did it this way so I could mark the back as much as I want, but still be able to attach the hooks on the front.

Once your hooks are secure you can place your picture hanger. It honestly didn’t even occur to me I would need one of these at first. Bf was the one who asked how it was going to hang up once he saw that I was just throwing away the back. See, always good to have an extra set of eyes to help you plan out your projects 😛 There are many different styles of hangers to chose from, so what you do might vary. The basic idea is to measure the center of the top of your frame. The picture hanger I used came with small nails to attach it. Because they are so small, and because you cant pre drill a nail hole, I just carefully nailed them into the center. Thankfully the hanger help up just fine. Now that you have that completed, the real fun starts… catch the sarcasm.

Next thing to do is to cut the burlap down to size. For mine, I left about a half inch of extra burlap on each side. This makes it so I have a little extra to play with, yet it still wouldn’t be seen from the front. Now as I had said, I have never worked with burlap before… if it wasn’t so cute I would never work with it again. Be warned, its a meany! It stretches weird and it frays way to easy for my liking. That being said, it’s still possible to be worked with, just have to have patience. To make it a little more cooperative I started with the corners. Having a helper is definitely welcome as well. Be careful of the hooks on the front of your project as you are doing this part. I   worked on the edge of a table so that they weren’t getting pushed upon. When you look at the back of your frame you will see that   there is a little lip that the glass would sit on. What you want to do is push the burlap into that lip and staple into the side of the frame. Doing this will make it so that the burlap wont lay flat on the back of the frame. If it’s flat against the back then when the jewelry hanger is up your earrings would scratch against the wall when you tried to put them in. I started with the top left corner and stapled it in, make sure there is enough burlap over the edge that it wont just fray away and come loose! Pulling tight, but not tight enough to make the  burlap twist weird, I stapled the bottom right corner next. Repeat this process on the other two corners. Once the corners are done it becomes a lot simpler. Continue stapling around the edges. Not even going to lie, I covered that thing with staples. That burlap wasn’t going anywhere! I was not worried about how the back looked tho, If you are it wouldn’t be hard to leave extra burlap and fold it over to hide the staples. You could either sew or glue it down from there.

I’m not really sure if this next step is necessary but it made me feel better. As I said the burlap frays like crazy! So to help it not come unraveled I brushed on a nice layer of craft glue along the edges of the burlap making it so it lays nicely against the frame.
And that’s it! Now you have this awesome holder for all of your beautiful accessories. Hmmm, might even need to make some new snazzy jewelry, huh? 😉