Halloween is almost here!!! This is my favorite holiday, which is why this year I’m saddened a bit. Normally my family throws a big party where we all dress up and have creepy Halloween themed foods. Well, considering we just moved away, that’s not something I can take part in this year. Trust me, still going to have a Halloween dinner, but its not exactly the same.
Still, not going to let that get me totally down. Even though I don’t need a costume this year, doesn’t mean I still can’t dress up a little bit. That’s why I came up with this skull crochet top, something adorably wicked
This shirt is worked up pretty quickly once you get going. I had it finished in two days, and that’s with me playing around with it to get the pattern right.

What you need:

♦Black yarn- full skein
♦White yarn- doesn’t use a lot, but will want to make sure you have half a skein to be sure.
♦6.5 crochet hook
♦Yarn needle
Stitch Abbreviations
ch- chain
slst- slip stitch
sc- single crochet
hdc- half double crochet
dc- double crochet
tc- triple (treble) crochet


Make two!

The first thing we need to do is make the center piece, the skull. This isn’t worked in rounds so much as steps. Sorry for all the background changes, trying to make it so you can see what I was doing.
Step1– Ch 14, slst into 1st ch to join. Ch 14, slst into same stitch.
Step2– Slst into first circle, sc 18 in circle. Sc into next circle, sc 17. slst in firct sc. Fasten off.
Step3– Find the center of the eyes and count 6 over. Attach yarn, sc 12, ch and turn.
Step4– Skip first st, 11sc, slst. ch and turn
Step5– Skip slst and frist st, sc 9, slst, ch and turn.
Step6– Skip slst and first st, sc 7, slst, ch and turn.
Step7– Skip slst and first st, sc 5, slst. Fasten off.
Step8– Find the center of the bottom of the eyes and count 6 over. Attach yarn. sc 5, ch3, skip 3 sc, sc 5. Ch and turn.
Step9– Skip first st, sc 11, slst, ch and turn.
Step10– Skip slst. Slst in the next 3 stitches. Ch 5 (counts as tc and ch 1), skip stitch, tc 1, ch 1, skip stitch, tc 1, chain 1, skip stitch, tc 1. Ch 1 and turn.
 Step11– sc 7 (remember the last ch 5 counted as a ch 1 and tc) Fasten off.
There you have an awesome skull to be the focus point of your top!
This next part is the most difficult, in my opinion at least. The idea is to turn the skull into a circle.
To start attach black yarn at the beginning of the top of the skulls head.
sc 11. hdc, sc 4, hdc, dc 2, tc 3, dc, sc 2, hdc, dc, hdc, sc 2, dc, tc 3, dc 2, hdc, sc 4, hdc, sc 6. (48)
This part might be a little confusing but I tried to write out what I did, as well as show what I did on the picture. If you need to tweak it a little bit to work better for you do so, but make sure that when you end you have 48 stitches to work with.
Now that it is kind of circular, you actually are able to start making rows. While making this it occurred to me that the beginning of this would make a really cute Halloween doily. So that’s another option 😛 To bad I don’t have anywhere to display a doily… so I’ll just continue to make it into a shirt.
Row1– ch 7 (counts as a tc and ch 3) skip stitch. Tc in next stitch, ch 3, skip stitch. Tc, ch 3…. continue around, slst to join. fasten off. (24 tc)
Row2– Attach white in any ch 3 space. Ch 4, tc in same space. . ch 5, tc2 in next space. Continue around, slst to join. Fasten off. (48 tc)
Row3– Attach black in any chain 5 space, remember which space so that on your second panel you can attach into the same space. Ch 10 (counts as hdc and ch8). Hdc in next chain 5 space, ch8. continue around, slst to join. (24 hdc)
Row4– Slst into 5 chains so that yarn is in the center of ch 8 space. Ch 10 (counts as hdc and ch 8). from here repeat Round 3. (24 hdc)
Row5– Ch 7 (counts as dc and ch 4). Dc into the ch 8 space, ch 4. Dc into hdc, ch 4. Continue around, slst to join. ( 48 dc)
Row6-Ch 5(counts as a dc and ch 2), dc into same stitch. this is your first increase. ch5 *dc into next dc stitch, ch 5* repeat within * 10 more times. For the next increase stitch dc into next dc stitch, ch 2, dc into same stitch. Repeat this pattern around, 11 normal dc stitches in-between each increase stitch. slst to join.  (44 dc, with 4 increase stitches that have 2 dc each.)
Row7-10– Slst into ch 2 space. Ch 5(counts as a dc and ch 2), dc into same stitch, ch6. dc in next dc stitch, ch 6… continue just like round 6, only with ch 6 in-between the dc instead of ch 5. slst to join. (44 dc, with 4 increase stitches that have 2 dc each.)
Skull 3
NOTE: I am not a tiny girl, so if you are on the more petite side stop on round 8 or 9 so as you don’t look like your drowning in your top. Once your done with the last row in this set fasten off.
Final row– Attach white into any ch 2 space. Ch 5(counts as a dc and ch 2), dc into same stitch, ch 8. Dc into next dc stitch, ch8… continue just like previous rows only ch 8 between dc. Slst to join, fasten off. (44 dc, with 4 increase stitches that have 2 dc each.)
 Skull 4


To make this into a shirt you are going to attach your two panels right sides together. What fits with my body might not fit with yours, so you might have to play with this a little bit. To do that I tied (because I couldn’t find my safety pins 😛 ) where the start of each opening and close in the shirt will be. I use the spaces between the dc’s (not counting the ch 2 in the increases as spaces)to keep track of where I am attaching it, and where I am leaving open. It’s kind of hard to see, I used orange yarn to try and make it pop. I had to adjust it a few times, trying it on again after each adjustment, to make sure it laid the way I like it.
So, for me I am leaving 4 spaces open for my neck. That’s where I decided to start to ensure that my skull was straight up and down.  Then I have 3 spaces together for my shoulder, so I tied those spaces together on each side of the neck. Leaving 5 spaces on each side open for my arms, then 5 spaces closed for the sides. The rest I left open for the bottom. Again, try it on to make sure its laying the way you like it, make any changes that work for you.
When you are ready to actually attach them sc into each ch, count the ch2 spaces on increases as just 1 sc. When you come to a spot that will be open (neck, arms, and bottom) sc on only the back panel. It’s that easy!
The perfect top that is spooky enough for Halloween, yet cute enough to rock the rest of the year as well!