Happy Halloween everyone! Ok, ok I know I’m a day late with this one. Give me a break, I was busy enjoying some spooky movies and even spookier foods. There are many fun things you can make to go with Halloween, seriously anything kinda creepy or gross works perfect. That’s one of the reasons I love this holiday so much, it gives so much inspiration to work with! Every year I make a special dinner, just a little something extra to get everyone in the haunting spirit. This year I managed to make something creepy and gross… yet still yummy!
Last year I came across this meatloaf hand tutorial on Not Martha‘s blog, and I just needed to make it! I think it turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself 😛
I loved how this turned out so much that I decided to stick with the same idea this year, only give it my own twist. This baked head is exactly what every cannibal, or zombie with an undead hunger is looking for!
To make this you can really use any meatloaf recipe you like, but I recommend using this one.  If you use this recipe, one thing to keep in mind is depending on your oven you may have to cook for longer. I normally add an extra 20 minutes to my cook time. If you have a recipe that you would prefer to use that’s fine, but there are some things that need to be done to make it work. There needs to be a ketchup glaze on the top, so I would avoid using recipes that put ketchup in the meat. Also will have bacon added to the top, so keep that in mind.

What you need:

Meatloaf ingredients- either the ones from the recipe I used or your own.
tomato or pepper- Optional, just using a tiny amount.
Mashed potatoes.


Mix your meatloaf together. I know some people will do this with a spoon and try preventing their hands from getting messy, don’t even bother attempting that with this one. Get your hand all up in there, and get ready for some sculpting. Don’t worry you don’t need to be Michelangelo or anything, just instead of a loaf shape make it kind of head shaped. I lay tin foil down on my pan to make clean up a little easier, but its not something you need to do if you don’t want. So, once you have your pan set start shaping your head. Pretty much just making your loaf wider and thinner. Find where you want your eyes and take out some meat to make eye sockets. Use that extra meat to make a nose. I made this pretty exaggerated because I figured it would shrink a lot during cooking. For the mouth just make a deep indent. If you want him to be smiling I guess you could make it… but I didn’t think anyone would be happy about being cooked 😛
To make the eyes I used the center of an onion and just rounded it slightly.
 Push they eyes into their sockets. Make sure they are pretty sunk in, once again the meat shrinks during cooking and you don’t want to have his eyes bulge right out, actually that might look kind of cool, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I decided to add pupils to mine buy scraping a little bit off of a red pepper. Pretty much just using a thin layer shaped as a circle and placing it on the onion. If you don’t want to add this that’s fine, trust me will still look like eyes. I also cut out teeth… but as you can see in the end picture they didn’t really work out. Might retry adding them next time I make this.
Next its time to add the skin… or bacon, however you want to look at it. Just lay the bacon across the head and tuck it under at the edges if its too long. Around the eyes and mouth cut the strips shorter so it doesn’t cover any of the onion.
Finally spoon on the blood, ketchup glaze. Make sure to save some glaze for later!
Now put the head in the oven and anxiously wait. About 20 minutes before the meatloaf is done spoon more glaze on top, make sure its nice and covered. While the head is finishing up make your mashed potatoes, or mashed brain matter ;). Once everything is finished cooking you could technically just eat it the way it is, but what’s the fun in that! To give it that finishing touch transfer your head to a serving dish. Be careful when you try and do this! I needed to ask my bf for help with this part, we managed with some awesome team work and two sturdy spatulas. Once your head is in place just scoop your potatoes nicely around it.
My bf said he thinks it looks more like a mummy coming out of the sand, but I still like the idea of zombies eating a baked head more 😛
Pair this gruesome meal with a after dinner zombie movie, there is even the movie Daddy I’m A Zombie if you have little ones that scare easily. This makes for a wonderfully ghoulish Halloween!