My move is coming up so fast! In a blink of an eye I went from complaining that it felt like forever away, to freaking out cause I don’t have enough time. Funny how time flies huh 😛
My last day of work was this past Friday, that’s what really made this all real. Now I just have to finish packing. Curse my procrastination! I really do hate packing, definitely the worst part of a move. Unpacking, totally different story. The idea of finding everything a new home is exciting, packing is just tearing everything apart. When its time for me to pack it truly takes everything in me not to drop to the floor in a full on adult tantrum 😛
I keep having to remind people just because I am moving doesn’t mean I am gone forever. My family is here, so of course I will be coming back for visits 😉
That was the whole theme that we went for when planning out my going away party. This isn’t goodbye, just a see you later. When first was thinking about how to decorate I had very elaborate ideas. Why not, I have all the supplies I need to be as crafty as my heart desires. Except when I realize that my craft room was the one room I actually finished packing 🙁
Although I debated going out and just rebuying whatever I may need, my BF was my voice of reason. Really all he had to do was remind me that would just create more stuff that needs to be packed.
So after a reset of the mind, I focused on ideas that are cute, simple, and don’t require a lot of supplies. How much simpler can you get then just construction paper?
Well my dad did pitch in as well, because he is the bestest most super dad ever :P. I was planning on just getting a poster bored and creating a simple, fun banner of sorts. My dad stepped in and said he had that covered. Came out pretty cute, don’t ya think?
 sign (2)
So with the banner out of my way I just made little signs to scatter around the party. Each one with a fun phrase, such as “See ya later, alligator.” There are lots of fun different saying out there, I didn’t want to over due it so I just picked out a couple of my favorites. If you are wanting some different ones, or want even more there are lots of options for you. Here are the downloads that will give you the print outs I used.
tags2                                                                           Page2
                                                                           Page3                                                                            Page3
Page4                                                                            Page4
tags5                                                                         Page5
I printed out each sheet on a bright colored construction paper. Since I can never cut a straight line without the help from my paper trimmer, I opted to go with the very classy wiggly line. Once cut out I glued them down to some black construction paper. From there I trimmed some down to nice little rectangles that I tapped up. Specifically in places people would definitely see such as on the mirror in the restroom. Others I folded the black construction paper into little pop up triangles that I placed all around the food and sitting area.
To make a good (simple) going away party complete fill your food table with food that is from your home state. Lets admit it, when leaving your going to miss that almost as much as your friends. For me, that was lots of brats and cheese curds, YUM! If you have never tried a brat you need to track one down! Also, don’t judge our love of cheese 😛
Untitled-1 copy
Leaving is always sad, but why focus on the goodbye? Good friends, good food, and some cute little decorations make a going away party into a celebration!