Have you seen the new Cinderella movie yet? I wasn’t too sure about it at first to be honest. I have a serious little obsession with old Disney movies, and when I heard they were redoing it I had my doubts. I actually really enjoyed it tho, especially how they did the mice. So many movies mess up the animal side kicks, in my opinion anyways. They didn’t make it super silly and make them talking, yet they managed to still give them their own personality. I definitely recommend watching it if you like fairy tales.

Also a fun little thing about the movie, it comes with a cute little clip with the loveable characters from frozen! I know, I know frozen is everywhere… and I get that some people are getting really tired of it. I don’t care tho 😛

When I first watched it, I instantly fell in love with the little Snowgies that Elsa creates when she sneezes. Beyond thinking they were cute, I didn’t really put much thought into them right away tho. Then soon after seeing the clip I was going threw some old boxes, and the dust kept sending me into vicious sneezing fits. Each time my mind went straight to these little guys. I figured if I was going to be sneezing so much I needed a little Snowgie of my own 😉


What you need:

3.5 mm hook- if it’s too small for you going up a size or two shouldn’t be a big deal, but it will make your Snowgie bigger.
White yarn
Black and white felt
Liquid stitch- fabric glue
Yarn needle


This project is worked in rounds, please mark your rows so you don’t lose count!

single crochet- sc
Increase stitches- inc
Decrease stitches- dec


Make a magic ring
Row1: 6sc into magic ring (6)
Row2: inc around (12)
Row3: inc, 1sc (18)
Row4: inc, 2sc (24)
Row5: inc, 3sc (30)
Row6: inc, 4sc (36)
Row7: inc, 5sc (42)
Row8: inc, 6sc (48)
Row9-11: sc around (48)
Row12: dec, 6sc (42)
Row13: sc around (42)
Row14: dec, 5sc (36)
Row15: sc around (36)
Row16: dec, 4sc (30)
Finish and tie off leaving long tail for sewing. Stuff till firm, yet still cuddly.


Make a magic ring
Row1: 6sc into magic ring (6)
Row2: inc around (12)
Row3: inc, 1sc (18)
Row4: inc, 2sc (24)
Row5: inc, 3sc (30)
Row6: sc around (30)
Row7: inc, 4sc (36)
Row8: sc around (36)
Row9: inc, 5sc (42)
Row10: sc around (42)
Row11: inc, 6sc (48)
Row 12-16: dec, 6sc (42)
Row17: dec, 5sc (36)
Row18: dec, 4sc (30)
Begin stuffing
Row19: dec, 3sc (24)
Row20: dec, 2sc (18)
Row21: dec, 1sc (12)
Row22: dec around (6)
Finish and tie off, tuck in tail.

Feet- make two

Make a magic ring
Row1: 8sc into magic ring
Row2: 1sc, 4sc in next stitch. repeat 3 more times (20)
Row3-7: sc around (20)
Row8: dec, 1sc (13)
Row9: sc around (13)
Finish and tie off, leave a long tail for sewing. Stuff till firm.



You have all your Snowgie body parts, now putting him together is very simple. First step is to sew the head onto its body. To do this just center the head on the neck and sew around, make sure to stuff the neck so the head is firmly in place. For the feet, position them near the bottom of the body on either side so that your Snowgie is able to sit beside you.


Cut two rough circles out of black felt. The eyes are supposed to be made out of coal, and coal is not perfectly round so don’t be afraid to make it jagged.

The mouth can be done two different ways. If you want your Snowgie to have a closed smile then I would recommend embroidering it. If you want a wide smile like mine then cut one out as well. A little rectangle piece of white felt gives him the little tooth that are seen on many of them, this part is optional.
To finish your little guy you just need to glue his face in place 🙂


Now you have a little Snowgie of your own to keep you company while you have the sneezes…either that be from being sick or under attack by allergies.