Ive thought about making these up for a while, but honestly they intimidated me a little bit. I worried that I would add my rice to the pan and they would instantly fall apart. I’m here to say if your interested in giving these a try, don’t worry! They really were easy to make. Sure the first one I did I burned a little, but otherwise no horror stories from me.


The main reason I have been thinking about these is to add them to my bento boxes. Rice balls are always a nice addition, and are very easy to turn into something cute. Well instead of dying the rice, why not add some color to it at the same time as adding more flavor? I was not disappointed.

What you need:
what you need
Short grain rice.
Soy Sauce

The first thing you need to do is prepare your rice by washing it. Rinse your rice for a few moments to get all the starch off of it, once the water is running clear you are set to continue. Add your rice and water into a pot. When it comes to measuring you always want just a little bit more water then rice. For instance when I cook a cup of rice I use a cup and a tablespoon of water. Cook the rice over high heat, stirring often. Once the water begins to boil lower the temperature to as low as you can, and cover the pot. From there you can ignore it for about 7 minutes. Check to make sure that all the water has been absorbed. If not then recover and check again every minute till there is no water left, make sure not to burn the rice on the bottom.

From there you have to wait for it to cool down enough for you to handle. Don’t want it to cool down completely, but really don’t want you to burn yourself. Once its not to hot to the touch you are ready to shape it. Traditionally it is shaped in a triangle form, but you can shape it however your heart desires. For what I am planning to do with it I need mine shaped into balls. There are two different ways you can shape your rice. One way is you just wet your hands with water and get to work. I personally don’t like having to constantly re-wet my hands, so I use saran wrap. Just cover your hand and use it as a barrier between you and the rice. Scoop out a little rice, and place whatever filling you would like in the center. Shape your rice around it by squeezing gently. The rice will stick together, you do not need to squish it.
Lightly oil your pan and heat it up on medium, should hear a very slight sizzle when you place the rice on it. You do not need to move your rice too often, the more the flip it, the more you risk accidentally breaking it open. Cook the rice on each side until you get a nice light browning.
Lower your heat to medium low and lightly brush soy sauce on each side. This is the only part that gets done kind of quickly because you only want the soy sauce side on the pan for a couple seconds. Want it to re-crisp up, but don’t want to burn it.
Take them out of the pan, and they are ready to be served.

Yummy 🙂