Easter is almost here! By almost I mean like in a couple of days…. which I totally forgot about. I don’t even know how I did it, but I did. Easter was the absolute furthest thing from my mind. The only reason I even remembered at all was Brent brought home some supper yummy peeps. I don’t normally like peeps, but I have to say I am in love with these sour watermelon ones. Anyways, after eating half a pack a peep it dawned on me that Easter can’t be far away. It is such a good thing that I don’t have children, the Easter Bunny would definitely be in a panic to try and figure something out this year 😛

Thankfully there isn’t a lot of stuff I have to scramble to try and do before this weekend, but I am still going to try and make special lunches for the holiday. Normally I actually put a lot of thought into my lunch set up. For special ones, or ones I am going all out on I will actually plan how the bento will be made way in advance. Considering I completely lost track of time with this one, that wasn’t working for me. After a second of panic over having nothing set, I got to work. It’s simple and cute, and overall I am happy with my little Bunny Sandwich.

What you need:

Lemon juice
Sandwich- whatever you like on your sandwich. Ham works really nice for the decoration part.
Nori- for the face. This can be easily substituted for lettuce or whatever you have to work with.
Treat- It’s Easter, you definitely need a peep or some jelly beans 😉
Lettuce- optional.


The nice thing about this lunch is the only special tool you really need is a bunny cookie cutter… and if your really talented you don’t even need that.

The first thing I did was make my bunny sandwich. I have found that it doesn’t work really nice to try and make the sandwich first and then cut it out. At least with all of my cookie cutters they are not tall enough, or sharp enough to cut threw a fully made sandwich. It takes longer but if you cut it all separately it not only looks better, but also is just easier to do. When it comes to the lunch meat I fold it up to about the cookie cutter size before cutting it out. With the extra bits you cut out you can either carefully tuck them in with the rest of the meat, or do what I did and make a little reject sandwich for yourself. Snacking is what makes cooking even more fun 😛 Using a clean pair of scissors cut little bits of ham (or whatever lunch meat you like) to use as the nose and the inside of the ears. I used a face punch for the eyes, but you can very easily just cut little circles out of your nori. For the mouth I found it is easier to cut a straight strip first and then cut out the smile part separately.

To add that little more holiday touch turn your apple into a Easter egg. To do this all you have to do is very carefully carve a design into a slice of apple. You can go as crazy or simple as you want with this… just remember to be careful when handling the knife! When your have your Easter egg all decorated put it in a zip lock with a couple drops of lemon juice. The lemon juice will help stop the apple from turning brown and icky threw the day.

Now lets put it all together! First lay a bed of lettuce down and position your bunny sandwich to one side. Next I put my peep in one corner with the apple leaning up on it so that the design is nicely visible. Remember you always want your lunch to be packed tightly to prevent stuff from moving around, that’s when the broccoli comes in really nice to fill all the empty spaces. For the final touch cut little oval shapes out of a slice of cheese. Now you have little Easter eggs that you can hide all over your lunch 🙂