Are you guys  getting excited for Easter yet? I know I am. I had a slow start with this one, forgetting about it and all, but I feel like today’s bento makes up for that a bit. I got so excited while making this one I went a little over board. Not with how much work I put into it, on the contrary this is actually very simple to make. It also was made pretty quickly as well, only spent about a half hour, not including the time it took to make the dinner the leftovers were from. No I went a little overboard with the Easter Bunny. My original plan would have had him be about half the size and surrounded by lots more flowers. Well when I started working on him he just ended up taking up the entire lunch box. By the time I realized it I was beyond the point of starting over, good thing he was turning out so cute What can I say, sometimes the lunch has a mind of its own… at least that’s my excuse.

What you need:

Rice- cooked and cooled enough to touch
Chicken- I am using some leftover general tso’s chicken from dinner, can really use anything that goes well with rice.
Sandwich meat- I have turkey and ham
Lettuce- optional
Saran wrap
Nori face punch- helpful but not necessary


The most important part of this lunch is the Easter Bunny, so it seems right to start with him. Essentially all you are doing is making rice balls, some are just less ball like. Whenever I am making rice balls I like to put either some chicken or veggies in the center, it’s up to you if you want to do this as well. To make the rice ball cover your hand in saran wrap and place a scoop of rice in your palm. If your adding anything to the center this is the time to do so, and then place a little extra rice on top of it. Gently squeeze the rice to form a ball. For the head I flattened the ball slightly so that it will sit flat in the container, as well as make it easier for the face to stay in place.

The ears and paws are made in the exact same way, just shaped differently. For the paws I made them into little ovals, and for the ears I pretty much did long ovals with one side a little thinner then the other.


I get all of my prep work finished before I actually assemble anything, so for now set your rice balls to the side. To make the carrot flowers slice a carrot into disks, leave the pointy end of the carrot intact so your bunny has a carrot of his own! Once you have your disks just cut little triangles out of them to form petals. Four petals are very easy to do, but if your careful you can make some with five.


The last thing to prep is the meat flowers. I know that sounds so weird, but I think they are super cute. To do this just fold a piece of lunch meat in half and make little slits on the fold.


To make it look like a flower all you have to do now is roll it up!



To pack your bento first thing you do is lay down your lettuce if you are going to use it. After that you want to put the largest thing in first, so for this one it will be your bunny. I placed the head first, and then figured out where the ears would sit. Next tuck the paws in beside the head and position them to hold the carrot. After the bunny the second most important thing would be your chicken. You are just going to nicely tuck them in next to the head. Now you are able to fill some spaces with your meat flowers, I put one on the opposite side of the head as well as one between the ears. Broccoli comes into play when you have to fill in any extra spaces. As I said I made my bunny bigger then originally planed so I didn’t have as many spots to fill, but it’s still a welcome addition.

Your bunny wouldn’t be complete without a face. This is when a face punch comes in very useful, but you are able to do this just fine without.


For the mouth I used a strip of nori that I cut out, and then two of the mouths that I punched out to make either side of the smile. To finish it cut a little triangle out of your lunch meat so that he has a nice pink nose.

The final touch is to place your carrot flowers throughout the lunch.


It’s almost too cute to eat… I say almost because it’s too yummy not to 😉