If all the hearts everywhere didn’t remind you then let me, Valentines day is coming fast!
There is a lot of pressure around this time of year to get everything right for a romantic night. Are you all ready? I’m feeling pretty proud of myself this year actually, first time I wont be scrambling around at the last moment. Don’t feel bad if you still don’t have a plan tho, trust me I’ve been there! If your still trying to come up with the perfect gift, I got your back. Valentines day is all about love, so what better gift to get on a date then one that promises more dates? This simple little Date Night Game is the perfect way to figure out how to spend your night. Just pic out a stick that has one of many great ideas on it, and be ready for a night of fun!

What You Need:

what you need

Craft/Popsicle sticks
Markers- One black, and 3 different colors of your choice.
Container- I’m using a Folgers Cappuccino mix container because its tall enough for the sticks
Mod Podge
Paper- To cover your container
Decorations- I am using ribbon, a paper flower, and a printed label

Decorate your container in whatever way suits you, or the person you plan to gift it to. Adding a picture from one of your previous dates and a couple of cute decorations really gives it a personal, and dare I say it a more romantic touch. I am using a picture that Brent and I both love from a picnic we took last summer, add that to using his favorite colors in the decorations and I am all set. All you need to do is take off the previous label, if you cant get it off its really not a problem, you can just cover it up. Use your container to measure the height and length you need your paper to be in order to cover it properly. Once you have the paper trimmed to the right size use Mod Podge to cover the container. To do that start with where you want the back to be. Just brush a thin layer over a section on the container and press the beginning of your paper to it. Give it a few moments to dry so that it wont easily come off. Doing this makes it so you can pull the paper tight to your container and it wont slip all over. Now you can continue covering the rest of your container with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Slowly lay the paper onto it, pushing the paper down firmly so there are no air bubbles. Do the same thing to add on your picture and any decorations that will lay flat against your container. The only decoration I have that will lay flat is a Date Night Ideas that I printed off, if you would like to use it just print off your own Label.   Give it about 20 minutes to completely dry. Next I added a top layer of Mod Podge to give it a nice finished look, this step is optional. When doing this make sure to keep the layer thin and even so it looks smooth when it’s all done. Give it another 20 minutes before you do anything else with it.

Once that is dry you can add any decorations that don’t lay flat. I like to use something that sticks out to give a little dimension to the project. For this I used this super cute flower I made out of scrap paper. To see how to make your own check out How About Orange for their easy to follow tutorial.



Date Night Ideas

All you need to do here is write a different idea on each stick. Simple as that 🙂
I know that personally we don’t always have the money to go out, so that’s where the 3 different colors come in. For me I used red for an idea that takes money, such as going to a movie. Green is a might need a little money depending if we have what the idea calls for, for instance trying to make a new desert. Finally I have purple for free, like playing board games. Just color the tip of each one, now you are set to chose a date perfect for whatever your nightly budget is.
Here is a list of of all the ideas I have in my own Date Night Game, can also add your own!

♥ Have a picnic, even if it’s just on a blanket in your living room.
♥ Give each other massages
♥ Have a finger food only dinner, and feed each other 😉
♥ Go somewhere completely new, check out a new restaurant or maybe go window shopping at some shops you’ve never been to.
♥ Play around with a old recipe, see if you can make it into something even better.
♥ Have a movie marathon, pick an actor and watch a bunch of their movies, or try watching a entire season of something
♥ Play a board game.
♥ Have appetizers for dinner.
♥ Have hot chocolate and cuddles.
♥ Go to a show, either a movie or check out some of your local productions.
♥ Try to make a new desert recipe.
♥ Go out to karaoke, even if your singing voice leaves something to be desired.
♥ Build a fort, seriously when was the last time you did that? Bonus if you make one big enough to sleep in 😛
♥ Look up to the sky, see what shapes you can see in the clouds or what new constellations you can make up.
♥ Make up a new drink, either alcoholic or non.
♥ Write a bucket list together, and if you already have then add new stuff to it.
♥ Try to cross something off your bucket list.
♥ Play a card game.
♥ Try cooking something new together. Have you every tried making sushi, or what about some home made perogies?
♥ Play outside! When was the last time you played on a swing set or built a snowman?
♥ Work on a project together.
♥ Make popcorn and watch YouTube. Just see where YouTube brings you. Find a video to start with and from there only chose out of the recommendations.
♥ Have a candle light dinner, even if your only able to make Mac n Cheese.
♥ Draw all over the town with chalk, just make sure to keep it nice so no one gets upset about it
♥ Do a puzzle together
♥ Go to a restaurant and order for one other, see how well you know what each other likes.
♥ Play charades, its surprising how much fun it can be with just the two of you.
♥ Go out dancing, that can either be clubbing or look for a ballroom dancing hall in your area.
♥ Check out what geocache spots are in your area, who doesn’t like treasure hunting?
♥ Have a travel dinner, go to a new restaurant for each course of your meal.
♥ Challenge each other to something. Can either be on a team to try and break a record, or maybe go against each other at something. Make it even more fun by placing bets, like loser has to do …..
♥ Teach each other something new. It’s fun to learn a new game, and very amusing trying to teach someone how to use chopsticks 😛
♥ Have a theme night! Pick out a theme and do everything around it. For example could have spaghetti and cannolis while watching The Grandfather.
♥ Play video games, that’s pretty normal for us but it can be something new to other people.


If you come up with any other fun ideas I would love to hear them!


Now that you have the perfect gift to give you just have to plan your date. If your looking for something a little different then just going out for dinner I recommend checking out The Dating Divas. While I present you with a fun game for any date night, they have the perfect game to play,  It’s a Love Match for a more intimate experience 😉 Just the thing to get your Valentine’s day going.

Still looking for something more to make your night romantic? I wont leave you hanging! More posts to come, including some fun ways making your food fit right in with the holiday ♥