This past week has been a doozy. So busy at work that my craft time has been pretty nonexistent, which for me is really sad. Don’t fear tho, I wouldn’t leave ya hanging for a week. There are so many amazing crafters all over the world, and each one of them has their own ideas and own way of doing things. With so many patterns and tutorials out there, there are things you may never have seen. So considering I have not been able to create anything wonderful for you this week, Ill share one of my projects made using a pattern form a fellow crafter. If you have never been to knotyograndma’s then you definitely need to check her out!

A while back I was randomly searching the internet, wasting time as the internet is so good at doing, I stumbled upon this jem of a pattern. That’s right a Jolly Amigurumi Poo!


I have no idea why the creator found her self in need of a crochet poop, but I am greatly joyed that she did. I can not explain the odd pleasure I found at seeing this little cutie, I just HAD to make one. So I decided to make one for my sister, I figure if anyone would enjoy it as much as me it would be her. I was greatly surprised at the uproar it created amongst my fiends. Since first discovering this pattern I have made multiple poops for people, which everyone greatly enjoys making jokes about. You have no idea the amount of times I’ve been teased for pooping on people after handing them their own smiley poop…. everyone’s a comedian -_-

Anyways I figure if people I know have found this pattern to be so much fun, then maybe you also have some weirdo’s in your life who may enjoy it just as much.

The pattern is easy to follow, and worked pretty fast.  The only real difference I did is added two extra rows, and then shaped mine a bit differently. While I love the bubbly look her poop has (never thought I would be saying those words) I made mine a little more defined and I guess pile like.


Anyways to alter it slightly and make it more like mine all you need to do is add an extra row of decreases, and then in turn add an extra row of increases .To do this follow her pattern up till Row 13.

Row13: Dec, sc in next 4 (30) -Same as her Row 13
Row14: Dec, sc in next 3 (24)
Row15: Sc in each stitch (24)
Row16: Inc, sc in next 3 (30)
Row17: Inc, sc in next 4(36)- Same as her row 15.
Continue to follow her pattern till the end. When shaping just push the stuffing around to make it whatever shape you desire, either more bubbly like hers or flatter like as mine.

The only other difference from her poop to mine is I cut out eyes from felt and glued them into place. Give your different poops each their own facial expressions, I have to say my favorite is the blushy poop.


Have fun! See how instantly all your friends turn into kids again when there is poop involved 🙂