Love is in the air! Well almost.
That’s right Valentines day is almost here! This is the one holiday that always tends to sneak up on me. I think its because its in the middle of the month. In January I always think “Oh its too early to think about valentines day, that’s all the way in February.” Then February gets here and I am in a panic trying to think of something too do. his year I am trying to be better tho, not much better considering February is only a couple of days away… but still.

Flowers, chocolates, typical Valentines day fluff is nice… but its not really very thoughtful. I mean sure its feels good to get some flowers from the person you love, but really that’s so predictable. Instead, I say you should make something special for the ones you care for!

Custom clocks are something I have been makes for people for a while, and everyone that gets one absolutely LOVES them. They are pretty simple to make, yet look awesome and really show that you care for them. That there the person you want to spend your time with….lol OK well I think I’m funny 😛

What you will need :

Clock – This is the easiest way to make these, but if don’t want to start out with a clock can also use a bored and clock mechanism. That’s just more work for you.
Picture-Will show you some options how to work with pictures.
Mod Podge- Can pick a bottle of this pretty cheap and goes a long way.
Some sort of brush.

So this part really is all up to you. If you have a photo editor such as Photoshop it does make this a lot easier to get really creative, but its also possible to do in paint. And if anything can get really simple and just print out one of my stencils, cut out the picture area and add your own.

If you are buying a clock to add the picture to remember to measure it before you print anything off, that way don’t have to do multiple prints.

The two different ways I like to do them is either add a background to frame the picture, or if I have a picture that works well I will just use the picture as the entire clock face. Once you figure out what way you want to do it then all you have to do is add the numbers. If you look up clock stencil there are many different styles of numbers that you can chose from. Here are some examples of both types of clocks, as well as the stencils with the picture removed so if you would like to use any of them.

julieclock copy2

Example of using a picture as the entire clock face.

stencil1                                                                    Stencil1

momclock2 copy                                                                   Stencil2

grandmaclock copy                                                                 stencil3

stencil4                                                                   stencil4


So this is where the handy dandy screw driver comes in. On the back of the clock there are screws going along the edge. Remove those and voila, you have access to the clock mechanics! Put the screws, the glass, and the front edging to the side to keep it all together. Pulling the clock hands apart was a little intimidating to me at first, but really it is SO simple. All you have to do is gently pull on the center , and the top of the hands will come right off. From there just remove each hand, be careful not to bend them!


Once the hands are out of your way need to remove the paper that has the original clock face. This can be a little tricky because they tend to be glued down pretty tight, if it is just have to use something to get a little lip going. I use a yarn needle, gets under the paper pretty simple and then can just pull it free.


This paper is the perfect thing to use to trim your picture down to the right size. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T PUT THE STICKY SIDE ON YOUR PICTURE! Just line up the middles and trim away. Once its trimmed to the right size cut away a small circle from the center of your picture so that there is a place for the hands.


Now its Mod Podge fun time! Have I mentioned I’m in love with this stuff? Sometimes there is a enough sticky residue left over from the original picture that you don’t need to add any extra Mod Podge, but I tend to anyways just to be safe. Anyways, just do a thin layer on the clock, and let it sit for a few moments to get tacky. Before you place your picture make sure you check where the top of your clock is, wouldn’t want your 12 to be where a 4 should be. Rub the picture so to make sure there is no air bubbles. Simple as that!


Putting the clock back together is just as easy as pulling it apart. Make sure to put the hands back in the correct order, pushing them gently back into place. Before I do anything else I adjust the time, what I am doing here is making sure that the hands aren’t running into each other. It’s very easy to accidentally bend them so just want to double check everything is as it should be. If they are rubbing at all just need to straighten out the hands. When adjusting the time if the seconds hand doesn’t move don’t panic. For some reason on many of the clock the seconds hand stays still during this step, but as soon as I put the batteries in it works just fine.

Finally, all that’s left to do is reattach the front. When handling the glass watch out for finger prints. The first clock I did I was a little careless, and once I had it all put together I was very disappointed with how many fingerprints I could see on the other side of the glass. So, to save time on having to do this step over again just avoid touching the center of the glass as much as possible. Also when putting the screws back they should be tight, but don’t over tighten them. If the clock is made out of plastic its not hard to strip the hole by over doing it, if that happens the screw doesn’t hold the front tight to the clock in that area. Its not end of the world if its for your own clock, but wouldn’t want to give a clock away like that.


clock3All done! Perfect gift to give to anyone you care about. This beauty is going to the guys who work at the shop next to mine. They are some of the greatest guy you can meet, so wanted to make them something nice this year. Have fun making your own special gift 🙂