Happy Easter everyone!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the first year that my family isn’t together for a holiday, my little sister was not able to make it back home. So not going to lie, I am not as cheerful as I normally am. There are no little ones in my family anymore, but the two of us definitely make up for it. Who cares about out age we are kids at heart, our parents are total enablers as well. Every year we still get together and decorate Easter eggs, and you bet ever Easter morning we wake up and start the search to find where the Easter Bunny hid them all. I’d say our family definitely spoils us when it comes to holiday festivities.

I still love being around the family I have with me, but it’s just not really the same. Got to make the best of it tho I suppose… that’s what growing up is all about right? I still say being grown up sucks sometimes.

Anyways as I said I am making the best of things, and really who can stay down on a day like today? What I have to share with you today is also really making me feel better, what can I say I am a sucker for cute things. A while back I stumbled uponย Annoo’s Crochet World post on how to make Spring Bunny Pen Tutorial , I instantly fell in love with them. So much so that I decided I wanted to make

even more of them.

The perfect pens to use this Easter, and every day after! The Easter Bunny, a daisy, and a spring chick!

What you need:glue

2.25 mm hook
Yarn- different colors depending on what one you want to make
Yarn needle
Eyes- either cut from black felt or snap on eyes.
Fabric glue- liquid stitch, only need if using felt eyes.

Stitches used:

sc -single crochet
inc- increase (2 sc in one stitch)
dec- decrease (2 sc together)

Easter Bunny

For the Easter Bunny just follow her pattern. I did make some slight changes, so take a look at her pattern and see what works better for you. Instead of snap on eyes I cut out eyes from a sheet of black felt. Also I couldn’t find sensation yarn so instead I used super savor yarn, because I’m a super savor and all :P.

Since I am using different yarn it changes the pattern just a little bit. Where she does 38 rows of 6 sc I only did 22. I also stopped increasing after 4 increases, so that would cut out her round 44 as well as her round 51. Other then that everything I did was the same!


daisy pen

So for this I used her pattern, with the same alterations I did with the bunny pen. After row 38 (or 22 if your using my alteration) switch from green yarn to yellow. Continue to follow her pattern until you hit the ears. Instead of forming the ears your are going to decrease around until it closes into a nice little ball.

Petals- make 10
To begin the petals make a magic ring with white yarn.
Row1: 6sc into ring (6)
Row2: inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc (8)
Row3: inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc (10)
Row4: inc, 4sc, inc, 4sc (12)
Row5-9: sc around (12)
Row10: dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc (10)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

To sew your petals on have them positioned close together but not touching, that way there will not be any weird gaps. Once you have them in place all you have to do is glue on your eyes and embroider a smile.

Now you have a cute smiling daisy!

Spring Chick


This is made the exact same way as the daisy, minus the color change and the petals of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

With orange yarn make a magic ring
Row1: 3sc into ring (3)
Row2: inc in each stitch (6)
Row3: inc in each stitch (12)
Row4: inc, 1sc (18)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. I have the bottom of my beak sitting on the fourth row up from the pen.

Chain 6
Row1: sc in second chain from the hook, sc in each chain, chain 1 and turn. (5)
Row2-8: sc in each stitch, chain one turn (5)
Finish off and hide tail.

Cut a long strand of yarn. Tie a tight knot with the yarn in the center of your crochet strip. This will make the center pull together and form a cute little bow. Wrap the yarn around the knot a few times to make it look nice. Tie a final knot around the center so it will not unravel and use the leftover yarn to sew it in place. For the final touch glue your eyes on each side of the beak, and your all done!


Look at those little cuties, don’t they just scream spring is here!