Ello        ello                                                                                                                         I said ello 🙂

I’m Skye, and when it comes to crafts I do just about anything I can get my hands on. Crochet, sewing, beading, cooking (yes that is most definitely a craft) scrapbooking… pretty much Everything Under The Skye 😛

I appreciate everyone out there that creates such wonderful patterns and tutorials, and then offers them to the world for free. When I started to play around with some of my own ideas I was eager to join in. Hopefully something I share will help make someone day, or maybe even inspire them to learn a new craft!

Crochet is my current obsession, so most of my posts will probably revolve around yarn some way or another. In 2012 I taught myself how to crochet, mostly using Youtube and a few books that my grandma got for me along the way. Being mostly self taught sometimes the way I do things isn’t always the most ‘correct’, but things always seem to turn out the way I want. Ok, that’s a lie… I’ve had my fair share of fails, but after playing a bit I tend to figure it out. If you see something that would be done better a different way, please share your ideas with me. I am always looking to learn more!

I have an amazing boyfriend, who has been very supportive of my craziness craftiness. He really pushed me to get my blog up and running, and supports me in my down times when I am struggling to find inspiration or motivation. He is always the person who I go to when trying to figure out how to make a project look even better.  After 8 years together you would think he would have gotten bored with my random squeals of delight at finishing a project, but no he is equally dorky and enjoys the things I make just as much as I do.

There are always a million different ideas buzzing around in my head, and I look forward to being able to share the outcome of it all with you. If ever have a request for a pattern just let me know, I will see what I can do. Any questions or comments are always welcome! Even just want to chat, send me a message 🙂