Sometimes time is the last thing you have available. Right now, that is exactly the position I am in…. if you haven’t noticed by the slowed craft posts. Just because you don’t have enough time to be elaborate, doesn’t mean you aren’t able to still make something cute! Having only an extra 5 minutes to spare I threw together this speedy firework sandwich.

What you need:
Sandwich- whatever kind you like
Sprinkles- the long thin kind
Lemon juice
cupcake liner

To make your fruit flag all you need to do is slice your apples. After shaking them in a baggy with some lemon juice place them in alternating colors, making the red and white stripes. The blue is easy, just place some blueberries in next to the stripes. Use your cupcake liner to separate your fruit from your sandwich… just to make sure your flavors don’t mix.
The only thing that takes a little extra time is making a firework on your sandwich. Place your sandwich in your lunch box before you start getting creative, that way don’t have to worry about messing it up. To start, place a sprinkle where you want the center of your firework to be. Very carefully position a couple sprinkles to create an arch like shape coming off of the center one. Continue around the center making as many arch like shapes as you want. I have longer nails so I had a pretty easy time placing the sprinkles, if you are having a hard time a clean set of tweezers can come in handy. I was originally going to do multiple fireworks but I was afraid it would get confusing to what the picture was… plus didn’t want to spend the time 😛 .
Once you have your firework placed the way you want gently press on the sprinkles to push them into the bread. This way if your lunch gets bumped they will still be where you want them. Now you have a simple lunch that adds a colorful explosion to your 4th of July lunch




Have a fun and safe 4th of July everyone!snoopy