Happy 4th of July!!!

Its a beautiful day to head out to the park and watch some fireworks! The sun is shining and I can already smell food cooking on the grill…not my grill but still I can appreciate someone is cooking some good food 😛

On a hot July day such as this a smoothie is exactly the thing to hit the spot. Make it a patriotic smoothie complete in red white and blue and what could be better!

Can you believe I’ve never made a smoothie? I have had them sure, but it was one of those things I would treat myself too occasionally on a hot summer day while I was out running errands. If I am being even more honest, it was normally just a quick one from McDonald’s… which now will never compare to these yummy treats I discovered. Who knew making a smoothie was so easy! Now that I figured out how to make them Ill admit I may have gone a little smoothie crazy, but you have to understand a little. I mean its the 4th, of course I needed to make three different kinds of smoothies so that I had one in each color. Only makes sense, right!

What you will need:

2 cups frozen halved strawberries
2 cups frozen diced bananas
2 cups frozen blueberries
3/4 cup milk (separated in 1/4 cup per flavor)
3 cups vanilla yogurt (separated in 1 cup per flavor)

If you are freezing fresh fruit make sure to rinse, pat dry and cut them before freezing them. I was not thinking properly when I put my strawberries in the freezer. Sure I rinsed them and had them dry… but didn’t think to cut them up first. Trust me, cutting a frozen strawberry is not fun. Skip that experience and just cut them first! Thankfully I was thinking enough to dice my bananas before putting them in the freezer, my brain started working again by the time I got to that.

Depending how big/many smoothies you want will effect your measurements a little. I was making a bunch of smoothies so I used the measurements listed. If only planning on making a few glasses worth, cut my measurements in half.

Creating Your Smoothie

Once you have all the ingredients it is so super easy to make, just a little time consuming considering you are technically making three different smoothies and then layering them.

Start by putting your frozen fruit in the blender. I did it in order I wanted it to sit in the cups, so I can just layer them as I go. So I started by making my strawberry smoothie, then banana and finally blueberry.


Now add in 1 cup vanilla yogurt and 1/4 cup milk to each smoothie.


Blend until smooth and creamy, avoid overmixing otherwise it will become more runny (unless that’s how you like it).


Now you have a yummy patriotic smoothie. Yea ok, its a little pink and maybe a little purple but if you just squint your eyes and tilt your head a little bit it works. You know what, use your imagination! Everyone is rocking the red, white, and blue… so why shouldn’t my drink 😀

smoothie2.png3 (2)



Or you know you can just be A MONSTER like my bf and mix it all together 😛


Have an amazing and safe 4th of July everyone!!!